Straight running plastic chain table top chains / Side flexing plastic chain belt

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Thermoplastic table top and plate top chains with straight running.

HONGSBELT Plastic chain could install and run on most current chain system and sprocket as well as compatible different industrial standard completely. It makes table top chain be maintained. HONGBELT new chain series has many tip top performances. Such as low friction coefficient, anti-chemical, anti-static, flame-proof and so on.

It could be used for different industries & environment.

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Products Features:

• Side flexing curving plastic chains

• Different standards and innovative material series could meet all clients' needs.

• DP Standard POM

• LF Low Friction Coefficient POM

• PT Special Low Friction Coefficient POM (Contain lubricating material itself)

• AS Anti-static

• EC Anti-static(electrical conductivity)

• DE Suitable For Metal Detector

• PK Anti-wear (in dry and wet environment)

• WR Anti-wear (suitable for glass ware)

• NY Heat Stable Polyamide

• PP Anti-chemical

• FR Flame-proof

• MG Magnetic


• Beverage plant

• Bake industry

• Package plant

• Dairy production plant

• Electronics industry

• Manufacturing industry

• Automobile industry

• Logistics conveying Papermaking and corrugated paper

• Beverage filling application

• Carton handling

• Container handling

• Aerosol filling

• Toilet paper handling

• Package line

• Glass ware handling

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  • Straight running plastic chain series HS-820, HS-820-D, HS-820-EL, HS-820-K476-25mm, HS-821, HS-828, HS-405060,
    Plate top plastic chains HS-878-BO, HS-880, HS-880M, HS-880TAB, HS-880TAB-BO, HS-880TAB-HD, HS-880TAB-K325-EL, HS-882, HS-882-EL TAB, HS-882TAB, HS-1873T,
    Case Conveyor Chains HS-2600FT-O, HS-2600FTTAB-O, HS-2600-O, HS-2600TAB-O, HS-2800-O, HS-2800TAB-O,
    High quality magnetic side bend chains HS-1050, HS-1060 TAB, HS-1060, HS-1060A-N, HS-F54,
    HS-7100 HS-7100-63, HS-7100-70, HS-7100-70-EL, HS-7100-80, HS-7100-83 G3, HS-7100-83, HS-7100-83-TD, HS-7100-103 G1, HS-7100-103, HS-7100-103-D, HS-7100-140,
    Keel chains HS-1701, HS-1701TAB, HS-1702, HS-1703-N,
    Knuckle Chains & Case Chains HS-F3000A, HS-F3000A-TAB, HS-F3000B, HS-F3000B-TAB, HS-F3000TD,
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