LBP roller top chains belt for beverage industry / Stainless Steel Chains

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All different materials have friction coefficients tailored to the intended application.

The design of the mould and the control of the production process take care of flatness values meeting the highest standards. Together with the optimum sliding properties, this will prevent tipping of the products conveyed.

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HONG’S BELT stainless steel chains conveyor displays a vanguard and complete high-quality product portfolio for bottling, packaging, glass, food and can manufacturing applications.

Magnetic, TAB and Bevel curves, both standard and custom-made.


Glass, beverage

For dry running and lubricated beverage applications and also for abrasive applications in glass works, special materials are available, offering high PV resistance or very low friction.

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  • LBP roller chains series HS-LBP 821, HS-LBP 882M, HS-LBP 882TAB, HS-LBP 882TAB-2,
    SS chains series HS-881TAB, HS-915, HS-981M,
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