Car Washing

Car Washing

Car washing channel

By replacing the complex components like entrance corrector, guide rail and chains with HONGSBELT® smooth, continuous conveyor belt, car washing industry can significantly improve personnel safety and reduce car damaging accident. High-quality HONGSBELT® conveyor belt enables car washing operators to save time and money through standardized process. By reducing risk and improve employee safety, they can also decrease insurance costs.

A. Protect car from unnecessary damage -- Those car washes which equipped with HONGSBELT® conveyor belt allow customers’ car to drive directly onto the conveyor belt instead of aligning in the complex correction, thus avoiding damage to cars. With the removal of guide rail and chains, damage to rims, tires, brake parts, customized exhaust pipes and car body has also been effectively avoided.

B. Improve personnel safety -- Car washes can be installed HONGSBELT® conveyor belt right paralleled to the concrete floor, which enables staff working directly on the conveyor belt without moving from one plane to the other.

Post time: Sep-13-2021