2inch pitch modular belt for meat seafood processing

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Products Features:

• High tensile load capacity

• Long conveyors possible

• Safe walk surface

• Anti-static material options

• Strong and thick product supports heavy loads without breakage

• Ideal for handling all sorts of sensitive food products

• Long life and low maintenance costs

• No marking on the products from belt surface

• Equally spread open area; open around the hinge

• Steel core does not come in contact with conveyed product

• High load capacity

• Dual compound technology allows for a combination of different materials within one conveyor belt

• Low construction height = less pit depth required



Food industry, meat, seafood, poultry processing, fruit and vegetable, metal detector, sterilization

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Open Hinge Flat Top HS-100A-HD-N

• Match Intralox Series 800 Open Hinge Flat Top

• belt pitch 50.8mm

• minimum assembly belt width 251mm

• advanced hygienic design

• better wear resistance, high efficiency

• reliable and automated belt cleaning

• reduce waste and water consumption

• good choice for  slaughter, meat, seafood, poultry processing


Perforated Flat Top HS-100B-HD-N

• Match Intralox Series 800 Perforated Flat Top

• belt pitch 50.8mm

• minimum assembly belt width 251mm

• open-hinge design reduce time and effort for cleaning

• PP material with special addtive ensure longer belt life and increases resistance to chemical and temperature cycling

• available for fruit and vegetable blancher conveyor


Flush Grid HS-103B-HD-N

• Match Intralox Series 800 Flush Grid

• belt pitch 50.8mm

• minimum assembly belt width 251mm

• smooth upper surface with fully flush edges

• provides excellent drainage during production and cleanup

• hole design eliminates water collecting on belt surface and being carried throughout processing line

• flights and sidewall are all available



• belt pitch 50.8mm

• minimum assembly belt width 150mm

• long life and low maintenance costs

• made with food-safe materials and comply with relevant food industry regulations

• perforated top plastic conveyor belt



• belt pitch 50.8mm

• minimum assembly belt width 200mm

• designed for medium to heavy transport

• open surface for drainage

• popular for fishing industry

• fruit and vegetable industry

• excellent sprocket driving



• belt pitch 50.8mm

• minimum assembly belt width 163mm

• raised rib top specialized for sterilization

• high temperature resistant

• flight/cleats are available

• strong sprockets

• easy design and installation for conveyors



• belt pitch 50.8mm

• minimum assembly belt width 163mm

• longer belt life with less belt wear

• ensure uncompromised food safety

• product quality

• choosing the right belt

• Material options include polypropylene, polyethylene, and acetal, etc.


Meat/poultry/seafood processing, beverage, bottling, bakery, snack food, fruit & vegetables, packaging, sterilization, tire manufacturing

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