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Welcome to HONGSBELT®

The talented person is fundamental of the development of an enterprise. HONGSBELT® consistently insist in the concept of “people-oriented" and attracts talented people and industry elites for mutual development with HONGSBELT®. Along with the intensifying competition, HONGSBELT® pays attention to the cultivation and improvement of the staff’s culture and quality. HONGSBELT® encourages its staff to reveal their personalities by learning the successful experience of foreign enterprise’ culture, and make each staff become more professional and confidence in the challenges of the future by various forms of education and training.

HONGSBELT® persists in the ® enhancement of human resource management as well as the improvement of human resource management system, carrying out a complete set of selection, training Personnel system and putting the employment mechanism of “Career, Salary and hommization create loyal employees” into practice. With attractive career, broad space for career development and good culture, HONGSBELT® attracts a large amount of talented person.

We believe that the real success is not belong to single person, but belong to collectivity, the real perfection is not belong to single person, but belong to collectivity; If you are a genius, HONGSBELT® will verify your genius quality; If you have a dream, HONGSBELT® will be the stage where you fulfill your dream; if you have passion, HONGSBELT® will make your passion burst out--- you will get well affirmative as long as you are excellent enough.

Let’s seize the opportunity to prove personal ability, to pursue success, continue to develop, enhance, beyond ourselves and realize our dreams finally, make our contribution to the development of Chinese national enterprises.