27.2mm 38.1mm pitch popular modular belt with varies conveying solutions

Short Description:

Products Features:

• Comes with various openings including fine-mesh for water drainage and filtering

• Steel reinforcement feature limits belt elongation (even in hot water)

• Reinforced product supports for high load elevators

• Strong and wear-resistant belt

• Closed and wide hinge design increasing product stability

• Edges allowing stability in side transfer applications



Meat processing, vegetable & Fruit, tire, automotive, car wash and care

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Hongsbelt HS-700A-N Flat Top Modular Plastic Conveyor Belt for Food Industry

• 27.2mm belt pitch

• minimum belt width 152mm

• smooth

• closed surface with fully flush edges

• ideal for glass and other containers handling

• in dry and elevated-temperature applications

• very popular plastic conveyor belt in beverage and food industry


Hongsbelt HS-700B-N Flush Grid Modular Plastic Conveyor Belt for Tire Industry

• 27.2mm belt pitch

• minimum belt width 152mm

• open pattern with smooth upper surface and fully flush edges

• providing excellent lateral movement of containers

• tire rubber with high-temperature resistant


Square Friction Top HS-700EL-N

• 27.2mm belt pitch

• minimum belt width 152mm, high-friction square top surface

• available in PP material and PE material with black and white color

• a good choice for inclined modular conveyor


Mesh Top HS-702B-N

• 27.2mm belt pitch

• minimum belt width 152mm

• mesh top modular plastic conveyor belt

• excellent for fruit and vegetable processing

• especially for stemmed products and dewatering applications


Flush Grid HS-1700B

• 38.1mm belt pitch

• minimum belt width 152mm

• heavy duty 1.5inch pitch of modular belt for mango washing and cleaning line

• strong capacity

• long service life


Hongsbelt HS-6800A Flat Top Modular Plastic Conveyor Belt for Car Industry

• 38.1mm belt pitch

• minimum belt width 152mm

• closed flat top modular belt

• heavy duty conveyor line for car manufacturing

• car assembly line and car care and wash


Hongsbelt HS-6800D Anti-Slip Modular Plastic Conveyor Belt for Car Maintenance

• 38.1mm belt pitch

• minimum belt width 152mm

• anti-slip car conveyor modular belt

• connected with SS rods

• strong belt types

• improve conveyor frame thickness


Beverage, sterilization, tire manufacturing, automotive, car care and wash

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