Return Way Support

Return Way Rollers

Return way support method of HONGSBELT are constructed from belt surface, please pay attention to the sag length, belt tension preservation and other factors. It may also adopt rollers for return way supporting.

When adopting rollers for return way support, ball bearing rollers will be the proper selection for this application. Please refer to the illustration below. The purpose of using ball baring rollers are mainly to reduce the friction factor of the tension in return way .

Please pay attention to the type of the conveyor belt module, choose a suitable roller diameter to avoid the deflection included angle becoming too large and forming a bended angle; that would cause a vibration of the belt running in return way. If conveyor belt does not collcoate with flights or side guards, we recommend you to adopt ball bearing rollers as the support of return way.

Minimum Diameter Limitation of Return Way Roller

Series 100 200 300 400 500
 Diameter of Roller ( min. ) 50 mm 38 mm 50 mm 25 mm 38 mm

There is a closed relation of the deflection angle and catenary sag; please refer to the design specification of belt length & tension.

Return Way Rails

The design of return way supporting rails is also holding from the belt upper surface of the supporting method as the illustration show below( belt support by angle shape slider strip ).By preserve an space at the belt lateral edges for supporting, the slider strip are the mainly part of return way belt design. for it could only to support at the belt edges, care must take on the weight and bricklayed assemble of the belt, it may appear an interval between module linkage that cause conveyor belt to sink when belt is in excessively width design. ( see illustration below ).

Therefore, if only utilize slider strip design to support at the belt edge, we recommended the width of the conveyor belt must be limited within W value, as table below ( W ( max) value are calculated basis from the Thermal expansion and contraction calculation formula ).


Unit : mm

Series 100A 200A 200B 300 400 500
W ( max. ) 600 550 500 525 300 525
WS ( min. ) 35 40 45 40 40 40

Multi Wearstrip


When HONGSBELT conveyor belt is collocated with flights and side guards, the basic design of return way support is usually restricted by the belt width and conveyor structure; the design of multiple wearstrips support in return way may is available to fix this problem.

The combination of supporting rollers and wearstrips is also a choice of supporting in return way. When adopting the design of multiple wearstrips, please pay attention to the dimension of the spacing which is preserved in advance, to avoid any impact damaging the belt during the operation.

The material of return way rollers should adopt the engineering plastic such as UHMW and HDPE, or the material with lower friction coefficient.

Limitation of Spacing Preserved - Indent


If HONGSBELT conveyor belt is attached with flights but without side guards, it is not necessary to have any restriction on the dimension of preserving spacing on the both sides. If HONGSBELT conveyor belt is attached with flights and side guards, the dimension of preserving spacing will be limited on the both sides. The spacing dimensions are listed in the below.

unit : mm

100 52 67 82 97 112 127
200 52 67 82 97 112 127
300 --
400 --
500 --

Submerged Type


The specific gravity of plastic mostly is usually less than the water does, except for the Acetal material. When designing the submerged conveyor, please pay attention to the buoyancy phenomenon of the belt when it is operating in the water. Buoyancy may result in belt deforming and departing from the supporting rails at both sides; the conveyor system would have some failure in operation, such as hold back by the hold down rails, or belt breaks in vertical because of the strong pulling force.

Adopting stainless steel rods to replace the original plastic ones can solve the problems. The belt can be held down by the weight of stainless steel rods, and it can improve the deformation that was caused from external force and high temperature because of the high rigidity of stainless steel rods. You can choose HONGSBELT belt in Acetal material, its physical character, the specific gravity is larger than water, can improve the buoyancy in water. As to the maximum width, please refer to the Expansion Coefficient in Design Specification chapter.

Multiple Hold Down Rail


If the width of submerged conveyor is exceed the maximum width, please refer to the illustration above.