Fruit & Vegetables

Fruit & Vegetables

Adopt HONGSBELT® for transporting agricultural products. Due to agricultural products would attach lots of sand and soil; the grit is easy to wear and cut the surface of belt. The lifespan of HONGSBELT® will be over 10 times than PVC belt’s while using in the environment of transporting agricultural products.

HONGSBELT® has average open area and excellent filtering ability; it can suffice the environment of submerged to rid of worms and bug eggs. The speciality of high rigidity can let HONGSBELT® only have to make 2 points for holding down purpose, and it can reach the result of level inclined conveyance.

The surface of belt will not warp and break while holding down on both sides. To assist with flight design in the belt and it can transport products inclined to any angles correctly without any mistakes.

All HONGSBELT® serial products adopt FDA material; HONGSBELT® will be your best choice in the transporting procedure of food or other products. More advantages and details about HONGSBELT® conveyors, please refer to other descriptions in this chapter.

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Post time: Sep-13-2021