1inch modular plastic belt for food processing material handling

Short Description:

Products Features:

• Reduced dirt build up thanks to different self-cleaning surfaces

• Less friction and product contact

• Available in a variety of open ratios

• Impact-resistance bar on underside

• Profiled base for smooth product transfers

• High working load capacity



Meat, Seafood & Poultry processing, corrugated cardboard conveying line, airport, tire, beverage, textile, etc.

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Hongsbelt HS-200A Flat Top Modular Plastic Conveyor Belt for Chicken Processing

• 1inch pitch with minimum belt width 45mm

• suitable for light food application, poultry, chicken, fish

• tomatoes processing and washing applications

• easy to clean

• hygienic modular plastic belt


Hongsbelt HS-502A-HD Flat Top Modular Plastic Conveyor Belt for Heavy Duty Corrugated Industry

• 25.4mm belt pitch with minimum width 76mm

• a standard 1inch pitch closed modular belt

• very popular in a multi different industry

• especially for corrugating cardboard conveying line

• high load capacity


Hongsbelt HS-502B Modular Plastic Conveyor Belt for Shrimp Processing

• 25mm belt pitch with minimum belt width 135mm

• flush grid modular belt type

• 16% open area

• widely used in shrimp processing

• seafood conveying

• food industry manufacturing


Hongsbelt HS-4800A Flat Top Modular Plastic Conveyor Belt for Heavy Duty Corruaged Industry

• 25.4mm pitch with minimum belt width 38mm

• Independent research and development design for logistics

• warehousing and material handling

• corrugated industry and so on.


Hongsbelt HS-2500B Flush Grid Modular Plastic Conveyor Belt for Bakery

• 1inch pitch with minimum belt width 50mm

• flush grid modular belt for heavy duty transportation

• mainly for fruit and vegetable industry processing line


Hongsbelt HS-2600B Flush Grid Modular Plastic Conveyor Belt for Heat Shrink Tunnel Line

• 1inch pitch with belt width minimum 182mm

• open flush grid heat-resistant conveyor modular belt

• made of special composite plastic materials

• can withstand instantaneous shock

• adopts sprockets transmission

• suitable for light and heavy load heat-resistant tunnel drying conveyors in beverages, paper, printing, packaging, textiles, chemicals, etc. Best choice for you to maintain a steady production line.


Hongsbelt HS-F1000B Flush Grid Modular Plastic Conveyor Belt for Water Industry

• 25.4mm belt pitch with minimum belt width 84mm

• straight running flush grid modular plastic belt

• assembled to width to meet for custom sizes

• conveying everything from individual items also for packaged and cased goods.

• Common material usually adopts Acetal/POM materials for heavy duty application.


Meat/poultry/seafood processing, beverage, bottling, bakery, snack food, fruit & vegetables, packaging, printing/paper, postal, corrugated cardboard, textile, etc.

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